Boost N Blend™ Female Hair Fibres is a cosmetic hair loss concealer designed by women for women. 

Super fine and super clingy volumising fibres boost the volume of your hair at the roots making your hair look much, much thicker.

Check out the video on this page which demonstrates how to use Boost N Blend and Rootz hair loss concealer products.

What are Female Hair Fibres?

Female Hair Fibres are cruelty free, vegan, plant based hair fibres specifically designed for women who don't want to add more chemicals to their hair. Female Hair fibres are plant based, made from the cotton plant. They will super cling to each hair shaft, making it up to ten times thicker. They are uniquely formulated to not run and are completely colour fast. 

Thin or Fine Hair?

Use BOOST BLEND™ to add extra body to your roots. Soaks up oils and adds an instant volume boost!

BOOST BLEND™ is made up of millions of tiny hair-like fibres that cling to your hair making each hair appear thicker.



Boost n Blend micro fibers for thinning hair in women microscope
BOOST BLEND™ is a unique blend of natural and extremely fine cotton micro fibres that look and feel just like hair. When you apply them to your thinning area, they blend in with your natural hair colour and disguise any unsightly and embarrassing gaps. BOOST BLEND™ is an instant cosmetic makeover that lasts until you next wash your hair. In just a few seconds you can transform your whole look and walk out the door feeling fabulous.

Boost n Blend micro fibres clinging to hair fuller hair thickening fibres 

Visible scalp disappears when BOOST BLEND™ is applied.

Apply BOOST BLEND™ female hair fibres by simply shaking them on to your hair at the roots. Just turn the bottle upside down, shake, blend in with your fingertips and see the difference.  

For years men have been working on products to cover up their thinning hair. Up till now, there hasn't been a product specifically developed by women for women. All our colours are specifically designed to match female hair colours. It took an Australian woman suffering hair loss to come up with the idea and develop the product!

There are lots of surgical and non-surgical treatments and you may have tried them all or are planning to. The good news is BOOST BLEND™ can be used in conjunction with most hair loss treatments and is especially useful while you are undergoing treatment and waiting for the results.


BOOST BLEND™ has been specially formulated in colours that closely resemble those of a woman's hair. Note in the picture below the way BOOST BLEND™ female hair fibres blend in with the hair. The women's natural colour is salt and pepper and we have used Dusky Dark Brown with a tiny bit of Silky Silver Grey. The two have combined to provide a seamless fusion that blends in perfectly with her hair.

Boost n blend hair micro fibers clinging to hair to cover thinning hair in women 

This is not trick photography. These photos were taken here in our Sydney offices using a Kaiser Baas digital microscope on real hair before and after a single application of BOOST BLEND™.

Colour Range:

BOOST BLEND™ is the only female hair fibre product made by women for women in a range of colours to suit women!

Our hair colours have been developed in consultation with hair colour experts to suit a wide range of colour options. Many women colour their hair and so it is vital that you choose a fibre product that has been designed for a broad colour match to both natural and coloured hair.

If you are not sure, choose the colour closest to your root colour. And remember, BOOST BLEND™ has the unique ability to blend in with your hair colour.