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    1. What is Boost N Blend™? 

    Boost N Blend™ is a natural fibre that looks like fine hair. When applied to thinning hair, it clings to the hair shaft making the hair shaft look much thicker. This gives the appearance of more hair and covers up any visible scalp.

    2. From what is Boost N Blend™ made? 

    Boost N Blend™ is made from the cotton plant. It occurs naturally in nature, we wear it and have it next to our skin every day.

    3. Is Boost N Blend™ safe to use every day?

    Yes it is safe to use every day. Treat Boost N Blend™ like any other hair product. Do not ingest it, do not use it on or near your eyes, or any other part of your face or body.

    4. Does Boost N Blend™ work for everyone?

    Boost N Blend™ is only useful when your hair is thinning. It requires some hair to cling to. You cannot use Boost N Blend™ if all your hair has fallen out. You cannot use it on a totally bald area. Boost N Blend™ uses hair-like microfibres cling to hair making it look thicker. Check out these photos and you will see why Boost N Blend™ needs some hair to cling to. But as long as you have some hair, even if it is very fine hair, Boost N Blend™ will have something to cling onto.

    5. What colours are available?

    Boost N Blend™ is the only hair fibre product made by women for women in a range of colours to suit women!

    Our hair colours have been developed in consultation with hair colour experts to suit a wide range of colour options. Many women colour their hair and so it is vital that you choose a fibre product that has been designed for a broad colour match to both natural and coloured hair.

    Boost N Blend™ has the unique ability to blend in with your hair colour.

    Boost n Blend hair thickening fibres for women colour range

    6. How do I know which colour to choose?

    Boost N Blend™ comes in nine fabulous colours each developed to match the colour and density of female hair.  When choosing a colour make sure you choose a colour that is close to your root colour since that is where you will be applying Boost N Blend™.

    7. What if my hair is coloured?

    Boost N Blend™ was developed to match the most popular shades women choose when colouring their hair.We realise it is vital to create Boost N Blend™ colours close to the density and shine of coloured hair. When choosing a colour make sure you choose a colour that is close to your root colour, because that is the area where Boost N Blend™ fibres sit. Naturally your roots will vary in colour as time passes, they may get lighter, or darker, depending on your emerging natural colour.Take the time to figure this out and don't be afraid to mix colours. To help you experiment, when you buy a 22g bottle of Boost N Blend™ you can buy an 8g bottle for $10 off ($19) or you can buy 2 x 22g bottles of Boost N Blend™ and receive free shipping so mix and match to your heart's content! 


    8. How do I apply Boost N Blend™?

    Use Boost N Blend™ on clean dry hair. Shake Boost N Blend™ onto thinning area and using your fingertips, blend in with your existing hair. Repeat until desired effect is achieved. Watch our video to see how it's done. For best results and maximum electrostatic cling, use on clean blow dried hair. A light spray with your usual hair spray will help to keep your style in place all day long.

    9. How do I apply two colours?

    For a salt and pepper look, apply the darker colour first and then top up with the lighter colour (grey or white depending on how grey you are). Blend in with your finger tips and continue applying both in that order until you are happy with the blend.

    10. How long does it last?

    During normal daily wear, Boost N Blend™ lasts a few days and will stay in during light rain.  However, if you go swimming get caught in a heavy downpour, you may have to reapply. Carry a travel size with you so that you can touch up if this happens. 

    11. Does it wash out?

    Yes. Boost N Blend™ washes out when you wash your hair.

    12. Will it drop out on my pillow?

    No. Boost N Blend™ doesn't fall out on your pillow. It doesn't fall out at all. You will need to wash your hair to remove it completely from your hair.

    13. Does Boost N Blend™ stain my clothes or my hands?

    No. Under normal use, Boost N Blend™ does not stain. The fibres and colours are water soluble. If you follow the directions for applying Boost N Blend™ you will not get it on your clothes. But if you do, just flick, pat or blow it off. If you get any on your skin around your hair line, just wipe it off with a tissue. However it is good advice to always be careful with Boost N Blend™ as you would with any coloured hair product. Protect yourself and your bathroom surfaces.

    14. Does it stay in if it gets wet?

    Yes. In light rain, your Boost N Blend™ secret is safe. But if you get caught in a heavy downpour, you may find you need to do a quick touch up! But what woman wouldn't touch up her hair after being caught in a heavy downpour? Just make sure you carry the travel size with you and then it won't be a problem.

    15. Do I need to use any other specific hair products?

    No, not specifically. Many women with thinning hair try all sorts of shampoos, conditioners and styling products and Boost N Blend™ works just fine with most of them. Just be sure to apply Boost N Blend™ to dry hair. Using a hair dryer can help to create a bit of extra cling for the Boost N Blend™ fibres to adhere to, but if you dry your hair naturally, that's fine too. Just make sure you don't apply Boost N Blend™ until your hair is completely dry. Some women find that a quick spray of their usual hair spray helps to keep the Boost N Blend™ and hair style perfectly in place.

    16. Do I need to do anything different to my hair style?

    No not necessarily, although there are lots of tips and tricks for styles for women with thinning hair. Check out our hairstyles for thinning hair page for some great ideas on how to use Boost N Blend™ and how to maximise your hair volume.

    17. Does it work on long and short hair?

    Yes. Boost N Blend™ is designed for the concealment of thinning hair at the root end of the problem. It doesn't matter how long your hair is. Just remember that longer hair looks thinner than shorter blunt cut hair.

    18. Does Boost N Blend™ work for everyone?

    Because Boost N Blend™ requires some hair to cling to, it is only useful when your hair is thinning. The hair-like microfibres of Boost N Blend™ cling to hair making it look thicker. You cannot use Boost N Blend™ if all your hair has fallen out, nor on a totally bald area. Check out these photos and you will understand why some hair is needed.

    19. Does it matter if my hair is very, very fine?

    No. As long as you have some hair, even very fine hair, Boost N Blend™ will work. In fact Boost N Blend™ works best on fine hair!

    20. Can I apply Boost N Blend™ to wet or damp hair?

    No. Boost N Blend™ can only be applied to dry hair and works best on clean, dry hair.

    21. Can I use a hair dryer with Boost N Blend™?

    Yes. In fact drying your hair with a hair dryer prior to applying Boost N Blend™ can help the fibres to cling more to the hair.

    22. Can I use hairspray?

    Yes. A light spray of hairspray after you have applied Boost N Blend™ can help to keep fibres and style in place.

    Ingredients: Cellulose 95%, Sodium Sulfate, Aluminium Silicate, contains traces of Ammonium Chloride, may contain mineral based colour.

    23. Will COVID-19 affect shipping?

    Most likely. We have been advised that some delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic should be expected. 

    IMPORTANT NOTE FOR AMAZON CUSTOMERS: Amazon is prioritizing essential goods and you will experience significant delays in receiving our products. If your need is urgent, please order directly through our website.