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    Which Boost & Be are you?

    The Boost & Be Hair Care Range has been developed for women with thinning hair and hair loss. No matter what is causing your hair loss, there is a Boost & Be product that is right for you. Due to the complex nature of hair, and compromised hair in particular, we have provided a comprehensive QUIZ to help you work out which Boost & Be Shampoo is right for you.


    No two women have the same hair and the same issues. We all have different levels of nutrition, experience different climates, are at different hormonal stages and our hair of course, is reacting to a greater or lesser extent to each of these as well as every different stimulus, both internal within our bodies, and external.

    Not sure which of our Boost & Be products is right for you? Take our quick quiz to find out!


    Boost & Be Shampoo and Conditioner Quiz

    Boost & Be #KindToHair

    We want to ensure you look after your hair and that’s why our range is #KindToHair. We want you to feel confident that you can rely on our hair care range to optimise your hair health.

    Alternating Products: In our quiz results you will find that for some conditions we suggest you alternate between products. This is due to the body’s natural tendency for homeostasis. Homeostasis literally means “same” and “steady”. Our bodies are programmed to adjust to everything, all day, every day. Our cells are constantly adjusting to millions of stimuli to ensure the body stays steady and as close to its normal state as possible.

    You will know yourself, that often you find that a shampoo may be doing wonders in the beginning, but after a while, you find it is having the opposite effect than the one you originally bought it for, and that is ceases to “work”.

    This is why we suggest you alternate your products. Whether you alternate Boost & Be with another Boost & Be product as per our recommendation or with another brand shampoo, we would encourage you to not settle on one shampoo and use it exclusively.

    What makes Boost & Be Shampoo and Conditioner different?

    If your hair is compromised, shedding, or thinning out then it is really important that you use a healthy hair care range that has been specifically designed to be #KindToHair.

    Here’s what the Boost & Be Hair Care Range can do for your hair:

    Cleansing: Cleaning the hair and the scalp is very important as we need to remove daily oil build up, shed skin cells, and dirt and grime from the environment. So avoiding washing your thinning, shedding hair is not the best idea. Many women with hair loss fear washing their hair because that’s when they notice the most hair fall.

    The old shower drain dread! In order to grow healthy hair, we do need to have healthy skin and follicles. So regular cleansing is important. But of course, cleansing with the right cleansers is what counts the most.

    Boost & Be contains gentle coconut-based cleansers so that the dirt and grime is gently removed without stripping colour or damaging the cuticle. Many expensive shampoos still use harsh cleansers, known as surfactants, and include Sulfates such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and DEA, MEA.

    Conditioning: During hair washing the pH of the hair changes. In order for the hair to be cleansed, the cuticle is opened up slightly to allow for cleansing.

    Then it is the role of the conditioner to bring the pH of the hair back to its normal state and close the cuticle. If you are someone who tries not to use conditioner because you feel it weighs the hair down, then the Boost & Be range is perfect for you.

    Our conditioners are full of nutritional ingredients that smooth the cuticle without weighing the hair down.

    There are many ways to condition hair, and heavy silicones is the most common and the cheapest way to achieve this. This is why supermarket conditioners make hair feel so weighed down, and probably why women with fine and thin hair don’t like to use conditioners.

    The Boost & Be Conditioners are different. Our Conditioners contain essential oils to moisturize hair naturally, and provitamins to build hair strength along with proteins to bind with the hair to swell and smooth the hair shaft to create body and volume.

    Price and value: All our shampoos come in a 300ml (10.14 fl. oz.) squeeze bottle. This means that you can get every last drop out of the bottle. All the pumps on the market leave at least 10% of the product in the bottom of the bottle.  

    Boost & Be Hair Repair Mask and Liquid Volume Mousse

    Our shampoos and conditioners cover a broad range of effects. You will notice that we suggest the use of the Boost & Be Hair Mask. It is likely that women with hair loss or fine, thin hair tend to stay away from hair masks believing that they are going to weigh the hair down. The Boost & Be hair mask will not weight hair down if used as directed.

    Boost & Be Hair Repair Mask Boost & Be Volume Boost Liquid Mousse