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    Bambi Staveley Managing Director of Boost n Blend

    Meet Bambi Staveley - Registered Nurse (RN), creator of  Boost N Blend™ and Author of hair loss book How To Make Thin Hair Fat

    I was in my 40s when the combination of a hormone imbalance and low iron caused my hair to fall out in clumps, thinning to the point where you could see my scalp. It was dire and distressing, so I did what you all probably did, and searched the Internet for a solution.

    My first surprise was to discover that millions of other women were suffering from the same problem. My second, and even bigger surprise, was that there was no instant solution. While I found loads of products dedicated to men and their hair loss, I found none catering for women.

    As a marketing professional and Nurse I was driven to find a solution, not only for myself, but for you too.

    I have read every piece of research I can get my hands on and I share all this information with you on this website, in my book, in our private Facebook group and in our blog posts. 

    The past eight years has taught me a lot about the causes of hair loss in women and opened my eyes to the devastating impact it can have. 

    I have met amazing, intelligent and beautiful women of all ages crippled by anxiety because their hair is falling out. I have also met many hair-care professionals, desperate to help and advise me, so they could in turn help their female clients.

    The result is Boost N Blend™, a product which won’t make our hair grow back, but it certainly will look like it has.  Boost N Blend™ shakes on incredible cosmetic hair-like fibres that fill patchy scalp areas completely in seconds.

    I spent months developing colours to match our own, and created feminine packaging and products designed to suit our own unique lifestyles.

    Take a browse and see the results for yourself. I can guarantee it’s the solution we’ve all been looking for. I know, because I use it myself - every day.

    Pick up a copy of my book, How To Make Thin Hair Fat and read my story in full and discover what I did to get most of my hair back. As you probably know there are a lot of empty promises out there for miraculous hair growth. 

    Please don't fall for the so-called miracle products available on the market today. Read my story and learn what you can realistically expect and what is realistically possible. I just tell you the whole truth.

    Here's to better hair days,

    Trained Nurse and Author Bambi Staveley