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    Female Hair Loss News — wellbeing

    Does Weight Loss Cause Hair Loss?

    Does Weight Loss Cause Hair Loss?

    Does weight loss cause hair loss? Weight reduction relies on a decreased caloric intake but a lack in nutrients can ultimately cause hair loss. Inadequate nutrients starves follicles and deprives them of nourishment, which eventually makes hair fall.

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    The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence - Beyonce

    International Women's Day, 2021

    Would describe yourself as confident? Or is it a feeling you seem to be searching for; elusive, out of reach, but overflowing in other women you know? Women who seem fearless, who carry themselves with such grace and determination.

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    Keto Hair Loss – Does a Ketogenic Diet Cause Hair Loss?

    Does a Ketogenic Diet Cause Hair Loss?

    Hair loss is a common complaint from women on a ketogenic (keto) diet. However, there is much more at play, it’s not the diet alone that is causing the hair loss. It is important to look to your underlying health. There are many underlying causes  that could be involved, yet prior to the keto diet...

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    How to focus on self-care when stress affects your hair

    When Stress Affects Your Hair

    Hair care is self-care - it really is that simple. We live in an age of extreme busyness and stress. Making (and actually taking!) time for yourself is often more difficult than it should be but we'd like to outline some practical self-care strategies to help both you and your hair!

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    Can a Plant Based Diet Reverse Hair Loss?

    Plant Based Diet Reverse Hair Loss?

    Switching to a plant based diet and vegan friendly hair care products, can benefit both hair and scalp health. Most supermarket shampoos and conditioners include parabens and sulphates. These chemicals help make the shampoo last longer and create the lather effect, but... 

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    Hair loss interview with Trichologist, Andrea Clark

    Trichologist Interview: Hair Loss

    Experienced Trichologist, Ms. Andrea Clark has a mission to restore wellbeing from the inside out by bringing to light the connection between hair and health. She answers our questions and addresses a range of concerns for women experiencing the effects of thinning hair 

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    Mind body hair connection

    The Mind / Body / Hair Connection

    Did you know that a healthy body (and mind) are more closely linked to healthy hair than you know? There's a lot of evidence out there to suggest that healthy eating habits (and certain, specific foods), a healthy body (more movement) and less stress...

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