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5 Tips to Help Care for Mature Hair

5 Tips to Help Care for Mature Hair

Just like our skin, our hair ages too. Everything about our hair from the texture, thickness, moisture and of course, colour, can change leading to dry, damaged hair. Here are our 5 Top Tips to help care for aging and more mature hair. #hairlossawarenessmonth

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Do volumising shampoos really work?

Do Volumising Shampoos Really Work?

Volumising shampoos and conditioners all promise the ultimate dream of thick, luscious locks but the quest for volume can sometimes feel entirely fruitless. Here we explain why certain products may not be working and what to look for instead.

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3 top tips to cover grey hair


When those pesky grey hairs start to appear, many women look for a quick solution to cover them as quickly as possible. If you're finding it’s getting harder to cover the greys between salon appointments, try these tips at home. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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Do hair growth gummies and supplements really work?

Do Hair Growth Gummies Really Work?

Whether you have experienced a tragic haircut, post partum hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia, you are not alone if you wish there really was something out there that would grow your hair overnight.  So do hair growth gummies and supplements actually work?

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How to focus on self-care when stress affects your hair

When Stress Affects Your Hair

Hair care is self-care - it really is that simple. We live in an age of extreme busyness and stress. Making (and actually taking!) time for yourself is often more difficult than it should be but we'd like to outline some practical self-care strategies to help both you and your hair!

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Boost N Blend Shape and Shine Mist

The best leave-in conditioner for thin hair

Leave-in conditioner often weighs down fine, thin or thinning hair and leaves it looking limp and greasy. The new Boost N Blend Shape and Shine Mist is an amazing solution for women with thinning hair as the light, hydrating mist has been designed to condition...

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Can a Plant Based Diet Reverse Hair Loss?

Plant Based Diet Reverse Hair Loss?

Switching to a plant based diet and vegan friendly hair care products, can benefit both hair and scalp health. Most supermarket shampoos and conditioners include parabens and sulphates. These chemicals help make the shampoo last longer and create the lather effect, but... 

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Does caffeine shampoo help to grow your hair?

Does caffeine shampoo help to grow hair?

In 2007, a German study showed some evidence that caffeine was able to stimulate hair follicles and activate hair growth under laboratory conditions. This prompted the production of various caffeine-based shampoos, including Alepecin, which claim to aid hair growth...

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Dry Shampoo Alternative for women with thinning hair

Dry Shampoo Alternative: thinning hair

Dry shampoo is not good for your hair. It can cause dry, brittle strands and among a host of other negative side effects, it can clog your pores and suffocate your follicles. If you are a women with thinning hair, then it is a very common misconception that washing...

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Hair loss interview with Trichologist, Andrea Clark

Trichologist Interview: Hair Loss

Experienced Trichologist, Ms. Andrea Clark has a mission to restore wellbeing from the inside out by bringing to light the connection between hair and health. She answers our questions and addresses a range of concerns for women experiencing the effects of thinning hair 

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5 Common Hair Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Avoid These 5 Common Hair Mistakes

Are you making these common hair damaging mistakes? We are all striving for the best hair we can manage, but could your daily routine be making your hair quality and quantity much worse than it needs to be? Check out these 5 common daily hair care mistakes you should avoid!

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